Hong Kong is well known for it's hustle and bustle and what not a better place to host the first Formula E race of 2016/2017 season.

Hong Kong's harbour front came alive for a weekend of spills and thrills. I was contracted to cover an exciting new project by ROBORACE, a driverless race car series, yes you heard it! "Devbot" is a prototype and Hong Kong was to be its first time navigating the challenging street circuit. Unfortunately "Devbot" never made it on to the circuit. The autonomous race car is packed with technology and due to a battery failure sadly we didn't get the chance to photograph her on track.

In saying this, we had the opportunity to witness "Devbot" in action on the Kai Tak cruise terminal. The Team had a pre approved secret test late on Saturday night. I must say it was a little surreal to watch a driverless car in motion in front of the breathtaking backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline. 

Secret testing of "Devbot"  This was the first time the car was in motion in Hong Kong. 

Race day! Hong Kong debuts Formula E.


BTS, capturing the action on turn three.